About us

Alma Consult Ltd.

License from 1995

Alma Consult is a translation and legalization agency licensed by the Foreign Ministry

Alma Consult

Our translation and legalization agency has been holding the license since 1995. As a leading translation agency, we are evolving along with digitalization, new technologies and the rapid changes that have taken place with the pandemic. Taking care for your health and aiming at better efficiency, the main focus of our work is online translation work. More and more official institutions in the developped countries accept scanned translations on letterheaded forms that hold signature and stamp. Alma Consult provides translation of documents from all European languages and from the most spoken Asian languages. We have particular experience in legal, technical and official documents’ translation. For many years we have been providing our services to the Ministry of Justice and to the courts in the country. We were also a service provider to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Bulgaria, Deloitte & Touche, leading legal companies such as Batkov and partners, Borislav Boyanov Ltd. and etc.

We won a translation services’ tender for the Sofia University St. Kl. University in 2000, for the Ministry of Transport in 2005 and for the Ministry of Education in in 2006. We have achieved huge professional experience over the years providing our services to foreign clients and to the institutions of the European Commission.

At Alma Consult Ltd, we take pride in providing customers with a one stop business solution in the field of translation and legalization of documents:

  • Certified translations by sworn in translators;
  • Certification of all types of documents with the relevant Bulgarian authority or with the foreign missions and consulates in Bulgaria;
  • Legalization of documents with the Consular Directorate at the Foreign Ministry;
  • Delivery of translated and legalized documents by courier;

Our goal is to facilitate you with all needed activities with regard to your documents’ translation and legalization and to ensure the process is completely hassle free for you with no hidden extras.